Release History

1.2-SNAPSHOT April 18, 2004
1.1 January 26, 2004
1.0 January 6, 2004first release

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Release 1.2-SNAPSHOT - April 18, 2004

update Plugin properties are now named with the "xhtml." prefix: xhtml.excludeand xhtml.workingdir fgiust
update The xhtml.excludeproperty now defaults to apidocs/**/*.*,clover/**/*.*,xref/**/*.*,xref-test/**/*.*(javadocs and clover reports are not xhtml, xrefs should be ok) fgiust
update Version 1.2 will require the maven-xdoc plugin 1.5 to work (shipped with maven rc2) fgiust
fix Removed references to unused taglibs, updated plugin.jelly to use the maven:pluginVar tag. fgiust

Release 1.1 - January 26, 2004

fix Fixed a bug which prevented the plugin to work offline using local dtd repository fgiust
fix Fatal errors are now displayed properly in the report fgiust
add Error gravity is displayed; added status icons. fgiust
add DTD informations are displayed in the report for files with errors. fgiust

Release 1.0 - January 6, 2004

add First version of the plugin fgiust